Lara (General Manager)

Lara has been working with dogs for 9 years. She’s had experience working in dog daycares, pet boarding facilities and Grooming Salons in both Florida and Arizona. Her experience includes daycare attendant, bather/groomer, dog behaviorist, Pet sitter and Daycare Manager. She has experienced and learned to handle just about every situation that can happen in a doggie daycare/boarding facility. She has volunteered and participated in rescue, fostering and the care of horses, cows, goats, dogs, cats and kittens through-out her life. She has taken multiple classes on dog behavior, body language and training as well as being certified in Pet CPR. Lara has 4 dogs of her own; Sheba a 12-year-old Great Dane/Labrador Mix, Rylie a 5-year-old brown mutt found in the Northern Arizona woods, Rocky a 5-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback and Riddick a 4-year-old Deaf Great Dane. Lara loves her job as GM working closely with NVA for the love of dogs and the people who love them. Her true passion is rescue and she hopes one day she can open her own sanctuary and adoption center. She has been working at Woofdorf Astoria of Lakewood Ranch since Early September of 2015.

Amanda (Resort Manager)

Amanda has been working with animals for almost 5 years; she first started her pet career at a Veterinary Clinic; she worked there and gained experience for 2 years as a vet tech and later as a kennel manager. She is certified in Pet CPR and gained experience as a bather and groomer’s assistant while working at the Vet’s office. She is trained to administer vaccinations, draw blood, take samples and can identify a plethora of common ailments amongst dogs. Amanda has 3 dogs of her own; Stark a  Husky/Shepherd/Lab mix goofball of a dog, and two new Shih-tzu puppies Timon and Pumbaa. Amanda is a mother to 1 human child named Leo who was born October 2017. Amanda is an animal lover of all sorts, except maybe the reptile variety, and she wants to continue her career working with animals for as long as she is able. She has been working at Woofdorf Astoria of Lakewood ranch since early July 2016.

Stephany "Rainbow" (Lead Dog Handler)

Stephany has been working with animals for about 5 years. She began her professional experience with animals working at a pet clinic as a Kennel Tech/Veterinary assistant. There she gained knowledge of a plethora of dog illnesses and can identify many conditions and diseases. Stephany also has a background of Pet sitting and Volunteering for humane societies and rescue groups. Stephany has had a lifelong passion for animals and always helped with the rehabilitation of various animals and gained breed specific knowledge from her mother who bred and showed dogs for many years. Being surrounded by animals in her younger years gave her extensive knowledge of dog behaviors, breed specific traits and how to identify and fulfill a dog's needs, making her very well equipped to handle every situation. Stephany has been with Woofdorf Astoria since April 2016 and has been loving every minute of it! While with us she has acquired a more in depth understanding of the humane animal bond, dog behaviors and temperaments, and has gained many grooming skills including bathing, deshedding, nail trimming, anal gland expression, and tidy up paw and feathering trims. Stephany has an adorable 15-year-old papillon named Zippy and a 5 cat pride at home! Stephany loves working with dogs and could not imagine a more gratifying career. 

Christian (Lead dog handler)

Christian has been with Woofdorf since November 2016. Christian has taken Veterinary assisting courses and while with us has learned the ins and outs of dog behavior and how to read and understand their signals. Christian is well versed in grooming tasks such as Baths, desheds, brush out, paw trims, ear cleaning, nail trims operating the dremmel and anal gland expression. Here at Woofdorf Christian has learned how to conduct temperament evaluations and can identify warning signs and deescalate possible altercation scenarios before they arise. Christian has one fur baby - Mia the German Shepherd. Follow her @mamamia.gsd on Instagram! Christian is currently in school earning his associates degree and will later go on to enter into the Surgical Tech Program at MTC. 

Sinead (receptionist/dog handler)

Sinead has worked at Woofdorf since February 2018. In that time she has gained experience and understanding of dog behavior and temperaments, knowledge of common dog ailments and injuries, and a thorough understanding of the benefits of the human animal bond. Sinead is able to read dog body language and encourage positive behaviors She can complete grooming tasks such as baths, desheds, and nail trims operating the dremmel. Sinead has two happy fur children - Archer the handsome golden retriever/cocker spaniel mix and Charlie the red long haired dachshund. Sinead is a dual citizen of Ireland and the United States and LOVES to travel. She is currently in school studying health sciences and information technology. 

Jessica (receptionist/dog handler)

Jessica has been with Woofdorf since January of 2018. While with us she has gained experience working with dogs of every size and temperament and has developed a deep understanding of the human animal bond. Jessica has gained experience working with dogs in the parks as well as experience working with multiple computer systems and programs in the office. She is able to conduct temperament tests and knows what kinds of behaviors to look for and how to work with dogs to help develop their social skills. Jessica has one fur baby of her own - Koda the Husky/Great Pyrenees mix. Follow him on instagram @kodathehuskygp

Payton (dog handler)

Payton has been working at Woofdorf since December 2017. He originally came on as an overnight kennel tech and then moved to days after a few months. He has gained knowledge in proper cleaning protocol to eliminate risk of illnesses. He has also gained knowledge within the parks on proper play behaviors and how to read dog body language. He is learning many breeds and their breed specific behaviors and tendencies. Payton has a Basset Hound name Arthur and a Blue Heeler named Irwin.

Hallie (dog handler)

Hallie began working at Woofdorf October 2018. While here she has gained extensive knowledge in dog behavior and body language. She is able to identify many common canine ailments and works closley with our energetic dogs that need work focusing and playing well with others. Hallie has three pups of her own - Scrappy the Min-pin mix, Tootie the chihuahua mix and Tally the Chihuahua. 

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