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Woofdorf Astoria of Lakewood Ranch

Four dogs with their tongues out frolocking in the grass.

About Us

3 dogs up close looking into the camera with their mouths open.

10,000 sq ft of beautiful professionally installed artificial turf!

Play-all day Dog Daycare & Boarding

Our fun-filled Doggie Daycare and overnight service is far more than what most people expect when they think of a pet boarding facility for their best friend.  Our guests are allowed to play all day long in one of our many supervised play areas! In our indoor play spaces, the pups can romp and play in a large air-conditioned space and outside they can run in the sun and play with their friends while splashing around in the pools - weather permitting.

Tiny dog out in the yard with the building in the background.

Woofdorf Astoria Overview

  • All Pups must pass a temperament test to play

  • Standard Boarding includes group play (after temp test)

  • SOLO Boarding includes 6 daily walks

  • Working Staff 24/7/365!

  • Kuranda Dog Beds and blankets provided to all overnight guests

  • Dog Daycare room equipped with activities & play sets

  • Separate Indoor and Outdoor Small & Large Dog Play Areas

  • Late night potty breaks 

  • Very Experienced and caring staff

  • Text Line for easy communication

  • Daycare drop off 7 days a week 6:30-7a.m ($10 fee from 6-6:30am) Pickup 7-8 pm

  • Boarding drop off 7 days a week 9am-4pm ($20 drop off before 9) $20 pickup after 4.

  • Boarding includes pickup until 4 pm with no extra charge