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Dog Boarding

When the time comes for you to go on vacation or a trip, and you can't bring your fury assured knowing that they will be happy and cozy in our comfortable boarding suites!

Dogs playing on slide
Dogs playing on slide

Standard Boarding Overview

Every boarding kennel comes with our Woofdorf provided bowls, and an elevated, cozy Kuranda bed with soft and comfortable blankets! Dogs are in group play from 8am to 6pm. If they are inside for a break from the heat, they have access to the outdoor parks for relief breaks every 2 hours. Feeding will be provided up to 3 times per day! (Please bring their owner-approved food). We also give your dogs night time potty breaks (as needed)! The experienced staff at Woofdorf Astoria will also happily administer medication if needed (oral medications only, please).

Solo Boarding Overview (+$10 per day)

Solo boarding is for dogs that are unable to play in the group, whether it be because they are over 6 months of age and un-altered, they do not get along with other dogs, are older, or at the pet parent’s request. We offer relief breaks every 3 hours, as well as one-on-one active play times with staff for an additional fee. Woofdorf provides bowls, and snug Kuranda beds and blankets, and your doggie will never be hungry with 3 feeding times per day. We will happily administer oral medication (if necessary).

Boarding Policies

  • The boarding price is the same price regardless of drop off time.

  • On pickup day you have until 3 PM with No Extra Charges. If you pickup between 3 PM to 8 PM it adds just $17/pet.

  • If for any reason your dogs cannot board in the same kennel you will be charged the single dog fee at a per dog per night rate. (Instead of paying $72.24 for two to share a kennel, you will pay $84 for 2 dogs in 2 separate kennels)

Standard Boarding Pricing

  • Standard Room - $42.00

  • Non-Social Boarding - $52.00

Each additional dog will be 28% off room rate.

*An additional $10 will be added to select holiday nights.