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New Client Information

Boarding & Daycare Requirements

All dogs that come and stay at our luxurious facility must be at least 4 months of age, and if older than 6 months, must be spayed/neutered to play in the group. All shots must be current (rabies, distemper, and bordetella-now accepting yearly bordetella). We also highly recommend that your furry friend be vaccinated against canine influenza, but we do not require it. We do not accept people-aggressive dogs, and recommend that every pet parent schedule their dog a temperament test.

If you meet the above requirements call

What is a Temperament Test?

The temperament test is the first day of daycare for your pup!

On this day we will slowly introduce them to our pack and assess their behaviors and play styles to not only see which park they'd prefer to play in, but also to make sure our play group is the best fit for your furry family member. All dogs must be non-aggressive and play well with others in order to participate in group play at Woofdorf. Please call our Office for more options for your pup if they cannot participate in group play.

Temperament Test Schedule

  • Please call for scheduling and information regarding your pup’s temperament test day

  • Or, request an evaluation day through the “book now” feature.